Is your child eating, sleeping, learning, playing and growing well?

Learn about the benefits of keeping your kids healthy through good nutrition, exercise and taking care of their bodies as they grow with a Well-Child Visit at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, which cost $25 for children under 18 from July - August, 2019. Each visit includes one free bottle of pediatric vitamins per child (while supplies last).

A licensed, supervising practitioner and a team of advanced student clinicians will assess your child's:

  • Current physical health
  • Growth and development
  • Nutrition and digestive needs

Multiple children from the same family may not be seen as a group; one appointment per child is required. This appointment intended for a wellness evaluation only. Other health issues must be addressed during a separate appointment. 

Make an appointment online or call (206) 834-4100.

Read more about Bastyr Center's Pediatric Wellness clinical services.