Massage Services

At Bastyr University Clinic we offer several therapeutic massage modalities to meet your specific health needs including Swedish, deep tissue, Tui Na, cranio sacral and pregnancy massage.

Benefits of therapeutic massage include:

• Relieves chronic pain
• Reduces the effects of stress
• Supports recovery from injuries
• Increases circulation
• Calms the central nervous system
• Eliminates toxins from the tissues for elimination

We offer treatments in 30, 60 and 90 minute increments. You choose how long of a massage you would like and discuss with your therapist your specific needs. They will then tailor your treatment to meet your individual goals. 

Your treatment will include hot towel therapy and aromatherapy at your request. There are no add-on costs and the tip is included in the treatment price.

Please contact us at 858-246-9730 to schedule your treatment or make an appointment online now.