After graduating from the Bastyr University Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program, some of our brightest student clinicians stay on at Bastyr Clinic as resident naturopathic physicians.

Residents serve as clinical faculty supervising Team Care appointments. They also provide public outreach, giving talks and attending events throughout the region. They also are available for patients to see one-on-one in our Private Practice for the same price as a Team Care appointment.

2017-18 Naturopathic Residents

Bastyr Clinic is proud to introduce our 2017-2018 resident naturopathic physicians. These doctors represent the leading edge of natural medicine education and patient care.

Mallory Anderson, NDJacob Hwang, ND
First-Year Resident

Dr. Hwang is a first-year ND resident at the Bastyr University Clinic who applies integrative approaches using botanical medicine, therapeutic nutrition, preventive medicine and lifestyle counseling.  His clinical interests include gastrointestinal concerns, cardiovascular disease, endocrine abnormalities, immunological disorders, rheumatic conditions, musculoskeletal injuries, integrative oncology, urological problems and preventive medicine.

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 Sabrina Koperski, ND
First-Year Resident

Dr. Koperski is a first-year ND resident at Bastyr University Clinic with a focus on treating the underlying cause using the foundations of naturopathic medicine, nutrition and lifestyle counseling.  Her clinical interests include family medicine, women’s health, chronic illness including autoimmune disease, and cancer.

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