Amy Chadwick, ND



Amy Chadwick, ND, is a clinic supervisor at Bastyr University Clinic with a specialty in systems biology and integrative physiology. She works with patients of all ages to prevent and treat imbalance and disease.

Clinical Interests:

Family medicine, chronic disease, Neurodevelopmental disorders.

Healing Philosophy:

Dr. Chadwick utilizes therapies rooted in ancient and modern clinical wisdom such as nutrition, lifestyle modification and botanical medicine, as well as the short-term utilization of higher intervention therapies as needed to restore balance. Dr. Chadwick empowers her patients to embrace wellness, offering tools to thrive on a daily basis. She works to cultivate this important clinical skill in her students as well.

Past Experience:

Dr. Chadwick interned in both women’s medicine and chronic and neurodevelopmental disease utilizing biotherapeutic drainage and completed a post-doc fellowship in Endobiogenic Medicine and Integrative Systems Physiology. Her practice in Alaska served families in a small community where she honed her diagnostic skills and learned to trust the innate power of the body to heal.

Education & Affiliations:

Dr. Chadwick graduated in 2006 from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Continuing to pursue systems theory medicine, Dr. Chadwick has studied ayurvedic medicine and has completed a fellowship in endobiogenic medicine, a systems biology model rooted in modern scientific principles of integrative physiology. Recognizing the endocrine system as the manager of physiology allows for a profound understanding of why repeated or intense stressors, emotions and belief patterns can lead to imbalance and disease, and provides a map for effective treatment.