Whole Food Nutrition & Culinary Certificate Program - Level 1

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
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Learn the fundamentals of whole-food cooking and nutrition in this fun, four-week, four-class program!

Join Bastyr University nutrition faculty Fernanda Larson, MS, CN, for this four-week program that will teach you the fundamentals of whole-food nutrition and food preparation based on Bastyr University nutrition philosophy.

Each two-hour class is held on a Wednesday evening, for four consecutive weeks, 2/6 - 2/27.

This course includes:

  • Basic knife skills including vegetables cuts used in gourmet food preparation
  • Wholesome cooking techniques including blanching, roasting, steaming and pressure cooking
  • Instructions on how to:
    • Select the most nutritious products and create a healthy pantry
    • Select, store and cook with healthy oils and fats; produce; plant-based and animal proteins
    • Substitute and complement proteins
    • Create vegetable and bone broths and use them in recipes
    • Source, select, cook and bake with wholesome sweeteners

Program Course Descriptions
Week 1 - Whole Foods Kitchen Fundamentals

  • Understanding "whole foods"
  • Best tools and equipment for a healthy kitchen
  • Healthiest cooking techniques and knife skill basics
  • Select, prepare, and store fresh produce for optimal nutrient retention
  • Salads and the alchemy of dressings: fat/acid/salt/sweet

Week 2 - Creating a Healthy Chef's Pantry

  • Understanding calories, macro and micro nutrients, and nutrient density
  • Reading food labels
  • Basics of recipe writing
  • Broth and stocks: how to create nutrient-rich bases for soups and healthful broths

Week 3 - Fats, Oils and Whole Grains

  • Understanding fats and oils: different types, nutritional value, and roles in the body
  • Matching healthful fats and oils to their ideal culinary applications
  • Addressing the "complex" truth about grains
  • Identifying different whole grains, their health benefits and functions
  • How to cook whole grains to maximize taste, texture, and digestion

Week 4 - Protein Focus

  • The role of proteins, their importance, and recommended intakes
  • Plant-based proteins: best sources and cooking preparations and a discussion of their nutritional density
  • Animal proteins: clean and ethical sources, cooking techniques, and improving digestibility
  • Vegan vs. paleo: understanding different approaches and how to live (and cook) in harmony

Course Fees: General Public $225    Bastyr Students/Alumni/Patients: $200

For full information about this program go to Bastyr.edu/SDCooking. To register now click here.  

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