About Bastyr University Clinic

As the teaching clinic of Bastyr University California, Bastyr University Clinic offers comprehensive natural health care for patients of all ages, including children six months of age or older. Located in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego, Bastyr University Clinic aims to help people resolve acute and chronic health problems, as well as provide wellness support services to help prevent illness.  

What We Offer

Our doctors offer naturopathic primary care which focuses on:

  • Providing a natural, non-invasive approach that takes into account the whole person.
  • Offering longer appointment times to ensure that you feel heard, respected, and understood.
  • Helping patients resolve chronic health problems.
  • Supporting a healthy lifestyle that helps prevent illness.
  • Identifying and treating the causes of disease, trusting in the healing power of nature.

The clinic offers affordable team care appointments as well as resident and private practice appointments. Patients can most often choose whether they want to come to the clinic for an appointment, or they can choose a video visit if they reside in the state of California.  

Services Available 

  • Naturopathic Primary Care
  • Physical Medicine (can be offered on telehealth shifts)
  • Homeopathy
  • Nutrition Counseling (offered on naturopathic care shifts)
  • Mental Health Counseling (only offered during spring and summer quarters. Please contact the clinic to be added to the waitlist.)
  • Biofeedback and stress management support
  • Hydrotherapy (in-person only)
  • IV Therapy (in-person only)

Bastyr University also provides free basic naturopathic care to diverse, underserved, populations through its Community Care Sites.  

About Bastyr University

Bastyr University’s first campus opened in 1978 in Seattle, Wash., and was named after Dr. John Bastyr. A renowned Seattle-area naturopathic doctor and midwife, Dr. Bastyr was recognized as an early champion of the science-based natural medicine movement that became the foundation of Bastyr University. Since then, Bastyr University California opened its doors in 2012, and became the first and still only naturopathic medical school in the state to achieve accreditation.

In addition to naturopathic medicine, the Seattle campus offers degrees and certificates in acupuncture and East Asian medicine, public health, nutrition and exercise science, midwifery, psychology, herbal sciences, human biology, and landscape architecture. The San Diego campus offers degrees in naturopathic medicine, nutrition, and counseling psychology, as well as a whole-food culinary certificate open to anyone in the community. 

Our Vision

As the world's leading academic center for advancing and integrating knowledge in the natural health arts and sciences, Bastyr University will transform the health and well-being of the human community.

Our Mission

We educate future leaders in the natural health arts and sciences. Respecting the healing power of nature and recognizing that body, mind and spirit are intrinsically inseparable, we model an integrated approach to education, research, and clinical service.

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