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Do you have a health problem you just can’t seem to resolve? Come talk to our naturopathic doctors at Bastyr Clinic. Natural health care providers bring additional treatment options to help you get better. 




Prevention Or Cure?

Like all medical professionals we work to cure health issues, but that’s just the beginning. Prevention of disease and injury is the focus of naturopathic medicine, so we don’t just treat your symptoms, we work to diagnose and eliminate the root causes of your health issues. How fortunate to have access to one of the world’s leading naturopathic universities right here in San Diego!

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Like all medical schools, Bastyr University’s Clinics use a team approach where every patient is given all the time they need to receive a thorough diagnosis and highly personalized treatment.

You will never feel rushed or like your doctor can’t wait to get to the next patient. A prevention-focused approach to diagnosis and treatment with more treatment options could be the answer you’ve been looking for, so why not give Bastyr University Clinic a try? Request an appointment today!


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